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Landscape Sketches

This series are color and composition studies from natural landscapes. Though many are studies for larger works I appreciate their own beauty. I hope you like them. It is a wonderful challenge to create space and form on this small scale for large landscapes.

seascape  sunset oilsketch 6x6Beach Landscape 10x10Desert 1 landscape, Oil Sketch 6x6Desert 2 landscape Oil Sketch 6x6Desert Landscape Oil Sketch 6x6Desert Landscape Large Oil Sketch 10x10Foggy Morning Oil Sketch 6x6Landscape Morning Fog Oil Sketch 6x6Landscape Mountians Oil Sketch 6x6Morning Fog Landscape Oil Sketch 6x6Ireland Landscape Green Oil Sketch 6x6Original Desert Landscape Oil Sketch 6x6River Oil Sketch 6x6Sea Scape Oil Sketch 6x6Summer Mountain Oil Sketch 6x6River Landscape 6x6Sunset Ocean 6x6Musical Fall Woods 6x6Landscape Desert 6x6Green Landscape 6x6Fall woods 6x6A Rose of Egypt 6x6All you Wanna Do is Dance
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