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March 14th 2023

I have been working on my third automata piece. The second, Bee Hive was just accepted and dropped off in Burlington Pa for a Portrait show opening on the 25th at The Dime , really excited to see how it works being shown in a public space. I have been refreshing my visual artist vocabulary in the last few days as I prep for a solid week of adjudications for two separate Teen Arts Festivals. Also dropping off a new work Beneath the Surface at Atlantic Highlands Art Council April show Garden State. In the mean time my backyard is a huge mud pit as we are in the middle of installing a new studio, cough cough I mean greenhouse in the back.

April 28 2022

It seems I am not so great at this page. I Weill definitely be working to be more diligent in the future. There has been so much that I have been doing in the last six months that I could have shared here and failed to do so. Water under the bridge and I will do better.

For now I will say I am happy to be showing 4 new members of the Tribe at Atlantic Highlands Art Council through the end of May. They are filling the windows as you enter a beautiful and impactful show titled Disruption, the art of change. Hope you get to check it out.

October 11 2021

This week is going to be a busy one. I am finishing up glazing on a few new figures for the tribe and have to make some adjustments to my original plan for installation of the existing tribes this week at Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY. I am excited to see them all dancing together in public after having them practice for a bit in my spare bedroom. So I must run by the fabric store for more set up fabric, drop work off at the clay studio and say the proper blessings to the kiln gods, send a new friend a bunch of books I have promised, eat a frog (getting through a particular piece of administrative work that I have been dreading), tweak the set up, drive to NY and set up, update update update… and start seriously thinking about how we are doing the upcoming holiday. Whew. So just as a small place holder in the “currently”… Here is a little about the upcoming show at Emerge, and another little project I recently completed with Monmouth Arts for the Red Bank Boys and Girls Club.

It was an amazing project and all the words and drawings are directly inspired by the work of the kids inside. We outlined the project and ran multiple brainstorming sessions to get feedback and artwork that they created, reflecting on what the club meant to them. I then combined all that into this mural. The main design came from two distinct drawings. One was a hand with words inside (very close to the big orange one), and the other was a heart exploding with color and radiance. Once I had those two as a base everything else started to fall into place.

And the finished Mural…

October 8 2021

So awhile back I said I was gonna start a sort of running blog type thing of what was up on this page.. seems I had a great idea but have not been folloowing up. That does not mean I have not been busy. This last month I have three shows/venues that I can  tell you about. 

The first is still going at The Atlantic Highlands Art Council. Chaos and Order a show of two artists David Levy and Paul Hansen. I have known David now for a few years and have meet Paul a few times. I have always been intrigiued by the fun and interesting optical art David explores and really like the addition of moving features within some of it in this show. Pauls work has a wonderful pallette and lovely deep undulating forms that evoke a sense of meditation and spirtualism. The show is up through November 9th with a reception and talk on October 16th. Follow the link for more info.

The second also has a time left to go check out. It is in Jersey City at Smush Gallery until November 6th. Please Scream Inside Your Heart is a solo exhibition of work by the marvelous Kate Eggleston. She uses wonderful frantic obsessive marks and colors and patterns to express her emotions and attemopt to keep balanced as an artists, wife and mother during these trying pandemic times. She even has a hand full of the sculpotural representations of them in the window. I swaer I just want to take everyone of them home and line them in a little basket where they can all live and confort each other at all times. She is also running a “Visible Mending” workshop on October 16th where you can learn to make intentionally beautiful stiches to mend clothing.

Third is over but wow… just wow… JCAST
Now here is the thing. I have a thing about driving in cities where I dont know where I am. It produces a great deal of anxiety for me. If possible, my friends will notice that I dont volunteer to drive much, unless I now exactly where I am going. But I did not have any friends with a match up schedule so I bit the bullet and for the first time drove into Jersey City on Saturday the 2nd. Not knowing my way around and with such a huge list of venues and artists, I choose the LGBTQ+ walking tour with Curator Catherine Hecht. It not only gave me a great feeling of safety and comfort for my anxiety but the tour and group itself was wonderfully informing about not only artists along the route, but a good deal of LGBTQ+ history in the city. A few of my favorite stand out artists of the day were of course the on fire Danielle Scott, the very warm and helpful walking tour fellow artist Miguel Cardenas, working with pop and gay iconic images within his complex contructed compositions, and last but certainly not least Leonardo Comrie. I found a great deal of connection with Leonado’s narrtive work and the dense, layered patterned spaces in his work. I feel like I could observe his stylized faces and subtle hand gestures for days.  
Now please know, I only spent one day and only saw a small fraction of the work available for this city wide happening. Next year I may just stay in town for a day or two and take more time, with some stops for some of the lovely food and longer discussions with fellow artsist to digest the whirlwind of activity.

June 25 2021

Since there are only two days left to see this show I wanted to put something out here. I am still writing some thoughts about the work itself ad want to give that some time to marinate. However, please if you are so inclined or in Dumbo in the next couple of days (the show closes on the 27th) check out the historic A.I.R. Gallery and Fractal Nature, curated by Patricia M. Hernández.

June 22 2021

Yesterday was the solstice and over the solstice I got the final announcement on the publication of a dear friends work. I am so excited that this news is my first addition to this page. This work is a beautiful, thoughtful, hopeful and heartrending use of words. I was so humbled when one of my works made the cut to grace the cover. Derek has been a friend and at times artistic collaborator for many years, and he continues to bring such beauty and richness to my life and practice as an artist. Don’t hesitate to get a copy.

About Derek

Derek Pollard is editor of Till One Day the Sun Shall Shine More Brightly: The Poetry and Prose of Donald Revell (University of Michigan Press), author of the poetry collection On the Verge of Something Bright and Good (Barrow Street Press), and co-author with Derek Henderson of the poetry collection Inconsequentia (BlazeVOX Books). His writing has been published in Ambit (UK), Colorado Review, Edgar Allan Poe ReviewPleiadesSix-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak, and They Said: A Multi-Genre Anthology of Contemporary Collaborative Writing, among numerous other anthologies and journals. His multimedia work has been performed and exhibited throughout the United States.

He currently serves as Series Editor for the Poets on Poetry Series, founded by Donald Hall and published by the University of Michigan Press. Previously, he served as Associate Editor at Interim: A Journal of Poetry & Poetics, where he launched and edited the journal’s quarterly online issues and co-edited the annual print volume; as Poetry and Nonfiction Editor at Witness, where he co-edited the annual print volume and served as organizer and liaison for author events at the Beverly Rogers, Carol C. Harter Black Mountain Institute (BMI); and as Associate Editor at New Issues Poetry & Prose, where he selected and edited books for the New Issues Poetry Prize and the Green Rose Prize.

He holds a PhD in English from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he was a BMI Fellow in Poetry, and has taught most recently at the Downtown Writers Center, University of Tampa, Ringling College of Art and Design, and Keiser University.

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